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Apex Legends News: Leak suggests new legend is named ‘Jericho’ and he is a real bad ass


Respawn Entertainment’s popular title Apex Legends has proved its name quite well and has been a legendary game ever since its launch. The game is currently in its 2nd season but has just received one character as an update until now. However, a well-known data miner has managed to breach through the game files of the game, discovering a new character dubbed as Jericho.

Moving onto the character, Jericho seems to be a survivor. He is equipped with impressive Shield-Breaker Javelins. His passive will provides him protection, saving him from any attack from behind unless it is on the head. However, he can only utilize Ballistic Shield ability once. Here’s a list of Jericho’s abilities:

Ballistic Shield:

It is an armor that protects Jericho from any fire damage. It looks more or less like a Gibraltar shield, however, it isn’t yet clear if the character can use both the shield and weapons at the same time.

On Your Six (Passive Ability):

Ballistic Shield further protects the hero even when he does not use it.

Shield-Breaker Javelins:

Jericho is equipped with electrically charged Spears(two) with which he can easily penetrate any armor even those having higher-leveled shields.

The new character sounds pretty interesting and highly skillful but this isn’t official and just speculation since we all know that the next upcoming character is Crypto. However, if the rumors are true, this will be a worthy legend to be featured as an Apex Legend.

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