Bethesda’s The Elder’s Scroll: Blades goes up for early access on Android

The Elder's Scroll: Blades

The last time The Elder’s Scroll: Blades was in new was back in November when Bethesda announced that the launch of the game has been delayed for a 2019 release. Now, apparently, the release of the game is imminent as The Elder Scrolls: Blades has gone live for select players who were invited for the first wave of early access.

Players who are eager to try on the new game from Bethesda can install it, however, it will only allow access to a short demo before it prompts you to sign-in with your Bethesda account. Not signing in will grant players limited access to the game before the game comes up with a screen thanking users for playing the demo mode. Players who have not applied for early access can do so in order to come under the next waves of volunteers. The game is available as early access through Google Play Store and the description of the game makes it clear that players can register over at PlayBlades.

Bethesda gameplay

Since the fans of the game can jump right into the gameplay, Bethesda has also introduced in-app purchased in The Elder’s Scroll: Blades. There had been speculations about how the game is going to monetize itself, now, this had been confirmed by the company that the IAPs will range up to $99.9 (₹6,800 roughly).

Bethesda gameplay

In-app purchases are nothing new to the games as every other game nowadays come with various purchase options that can be carried out in the game. The delay of the game could be attributed to the infamous launch of Fallout 76, which turned out to be a disaster. However, there are also speculations that there was actual development work pending for the game that needed to be executed in order to make the game presentable in front of the world.



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