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Borderlands 3: Bugs, launch issues and everything you need to know

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Borderlands 3 made its first appearance at E3 2019 during the Microsoft press conference on June 9. After months of anticipation, Borderlands 3 is now out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. But it seems like the game has already started facing bugs and issues. Here’s a list of issues that are making it frustrating for the gamers.

Known bugs and launch issues:

  • (Console) – Fight with Shiv crashes console
    • Fix – No specific fix. Users claim to keep trying and you are able to get past the fight
  • (PC) – Low FPS after aiming down sites
    • Fix – Change “Texture Streaming” option to low or lock FPS to 55. Another user claims to set the game’s visuals to “Very Low” and then tweaking each one individually worked too.
  • (PC) – Extremely long loading times using DX12
    • Fix – Set graphics to DX11 for now
  • (PS4) – Input lag
    • Fix – No current fix
  • (Console) – Sluggish menus
    • Fix – No current fix
  • (PC Running 21:9 ultrawide) – Scaling broken after the opening cutscene.
    • Fix – disable FidelityFX Sharpening
  • (PC) – Low FPS throughout the game
    • Fix – Switch to DX12 and update drivers
  • (All) – Fast travelling before the ECHOcast event ends breaks it.
    • Fix – Avoid by waiting for the event to end
  • (Console Split-Screen) – One player in the menu gets kicked out of it when the other player aims down sites
    • Fix – No current fix
  • (All) – Disappearing items from the bag
    • Fix – No current fix
  • (PC) – Key remapping bugging out and not registering
    • Fix – No current fix
  • (PS4) – Pre-order bonuses not appearing
    • Fix – Settings->Account Management->Restore Licences
  • (All) – VIP rewards not appearing
    • Fix – This is server related and should take some time before showing up
  • (All) – Characters lose story progress but keep current level and loot
    • Fix – No current fix
  • (PS4) – Screen goes black after the intro cinematic
    • Fix – Reboot console or set your status as offline or lastly, Delete the game and reinstall it
  • (PC) – Epic Games Store does not boot the game up
    • Fix – No current fix
  • (All)  – Game does not progress during “From the Ground Up” mission when you are meant to watch the monitor
    • Fix – No current fix/play with someone who is on the same quest to progress past the bug


  • Players are reporting that upon joining another player’s game who is further than they are, all quests up until that point will complete and all audio will play at once.

Performance and graphics:

  • Frame rate drops have been reported across consoles and PC at various locations, especially when aiming down sights.
  • Those using ultrawide monitors may notice parts of the screen cut off during cutscenes.
  • Audio can cut out at times.
  • If DirectX 12 is enabled on PC, you may not be able to get past the Claptrap loading screen before the game begins.
  • Players may need to double click on items in menus for it to register.
  • Menus frequently lag and stutter.


  • Playable characters may drift slightly to the right even when not touching the thumbstick on Xbox. Adjusting the sensitivity of the thumbstick in the menus seems to fix this.

Pre-order bonuses:

  • Some players are not seeing their pre-order bonuses or Deluxe Edition content download automatically. To fix this, try to search for them in the Microsoft tore and download them individually.

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