Nintendo Switch to get a Console upgrade in 2021

Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo is planning to upgrade its Nintendo Switch on hardware terms in the year 2021. Also, they are planning to add major games on the console.

Nintendo has been one of the giants in gaming since the inception of gaming. Their devices are known to date and are one of the classics to play games on. The Wii and Nintendo DS were the hottest devices in the market. Wii had 102 million units sold whereas the DS had 154 million units sold.

Since then Nintendo has not been right at the top, Sony and Microsoft slowly crept in this field and now are dominating the gaming console sector. Nintendo’s switch saw major success across the globe with around 61 million units sold in three years.

Nintendo has plans to break the current records of Wii and DS. They feel the Switch will be the perfect console to achieve this target. Well, few people at Nintendo feel even without the upgrades the Nintendo Switch will surpass Wii’s sales. The upgrade would just add more to those numbers and help the Switch to surpass Nintendo DS’s sales record.

Nintendo Switch
Image Source:Nintendo

Let’s see what all the updates are and what things you could expect.

It’s very hard to leak the actual info at this moment but we could see better processing power and support to 4k in the upgraded Nintendo Switch. Along with that, they could look to add more new games in their library. Few built by Nintendo and the rest by other gaming studios.

We have not seen many big releases this year by Nintendo and this could be some hints for a major next year. The biggest hit they had this year was the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It was launched in March. The perfect time to launch a game this year probably.

People were stuck at home without any work. This lead to huge success of many games and Animal Horizon by Nintendo was one of them. It is currently the most successful game this year in the UK chart.

Launching a complete brand new console wouldn’t be a good idea. It has just been 4 years. The PS5 and Xbox Series are both hitting the market soon. Nintendo wouldn’t join the race by launching a completely new device.

So a major software upgrade and addition of quality games would be the best possible thing they can try to do to escalate Switch’s sales.

Assembly of Nintendo’s next console isn’t expected to begin until next year because production partners are busy with making the current models, according to the people informed.


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