PlayStation Network goes down across the world, users unable to play games

Thousands of gamers all around the world are claiming that they are unable to access the Playstation Network this evening, due to an apparent server outage. Players hoping to get online soon have been met with a message showing them “an error has occurred”. Many PSN users have been also seeing the error ‘WS-37403-7’ when trying to use their PlayStation 4.

Problems started just after 3.30pm and continued into the evening, according to website DownDetector, which monitors online outages. The outage peaked around 8pm with the number of gamers experiencing issues rising. The issue mainly seems to be affecting players in the UK and Northern Europe, according to the site’s live outage map. At 9pm the service still displayed an amber warning with a message which simply reads: “Some services are experiencing issues.”

It’s not clear how long this issue is going to last, or what exactly caused the outage. In fact, it is often quite difficult to predict how long services will be unavailable for as estimates are rarely given. This is simply because PlayStation may not currently be aware of how long it will take to fix – or in fact what the problem actually is. Reports are flooding in from PSN users now, so hopefully, Sony will be able to ascertain what the issue is fairly soon. For now, however, it looks as if all core PlayStation consoles are affected.

The outage came at the tail end of E3. Even though Sony didn’t participate in the video game conference this year, the major outage has hit right as gamers are at their most hyped-up for future games.


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