Sony releases ‘The Last of Us II’ trailer; to arrive on PS4 in Februrary 2020


The gaming industry is currently swarming with new updates, trailers, launches and more, coming straight out of Sony’ State of Play Event and Microsoft’s Inside Xbox Livestream. The Last of Us 2 is another famous title that has managed to capture the limelight as Sony revealed during the State of Play Event that the title will be launching on the PS4 on February 21st, 2020. Also, the title received a new trailer.

Originally, the game was launched on the PS3 in 2013 but was later reimagined for PS4. The game is set around the post-apocalyptic world and has a touching storyline. For more review, you can checkout Gamesradar’s article.

Other Major Announcements From The Events:

We can expect some more updates to arrive in the coming days as the events are still live. Stay tuned and catch all the latest updates here.


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