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Apple has reportedly patched up its iOS App Store bug

An unknown number of users are currently unable to buy any new apps and can’t even download updates because of a bug in Apple’s iOS App Store. This bug involved a Terms & Conditions dialog box that would continue to pop up even when users tapped the “Agree” button.

The Terms and Conditions looping problems started at around 11 p.m. Eastern Time on April 24 when some App Store and iTunes customers were unable to download new apps or get any updates to the existing ones. You can press Cancel to get out of this Terms and Conditions loop, so you are not blocked from continuing to use your iOS device and whatever apps you currently have. However, it isn’t yet clear as to how many people are/were affected, and there are some suggestions that it may only involve people using either the public or developer beta versions of iOS. There have been no reports yet of similar issues with the Mac App Store.

But you don’t need to worry anymore since a fix is on the way. Apple has issued a server-side fix to address a bug that has prevented people from completing downloads, according to a report from.

TechCrunch has now reported that Apple has “deployed a fix” and the bug should be resolved “in a matter of hours” as the patch is rolled out. The fix is being applied server-side, so users won’t need to make any changes to see the problem resolved.

Apple’s system status page hasn’t reflected any outages or other issues with the App Store and Apple also hasn’t issued any official comment if the company has deployed a fix for the problem or not but users who have been experiencing the issue can expect it to disappear by the end of the day. If the terms and conditions loop is still popping up, users can tap the “cancel” button to continue using their device — though they won’t be able to complete any downloads from the App Store while the issue persists.

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