Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Apple recently updated Shazam iOS app with a new look and modernized the user interface and brought the design language in line with previous UI updates to Apple Music.

When the app is launched, the screen is dominated by the central Tap to Shazam button with access to recently identified music unveiled by swiping up. Apple has also added the ability for identifying songs through a web browser for the first time which is available in beta version at

shazam - MacStories
Image Source : MacStories

The company announced last moth that Shazam was seeing in excess of 200 million monthly active users across iOS and Android apps. Apple acquired Shazam in the year 2017 and cited synergies with its music business. The new UI of Shazam makes the app feel more at home with modern iOS design trends and it continues to feature some cross-platform quirks like a vertical three-dot more button, an Android paradigm.

The basic task of song identification is properly prioritized with access to previous Shazamed tracks found at a pull-up drawer found at the bottom of the screen. The update has also increased the reliability to sync Shazam tracks to either Apple Music or Spotify.

Apple has also launched Shazam song identification as a web experience for the first time. Available at, users can Shazam tracks from their web browser. The feature is being launched in beta and is at present compatible with Safari, Chrome and Firefox on macOS and ChromeOS. Users can also get the new Shazam update for free at the App Store.