Election Commission to review partnership with Facebook

Reacting to recent reports of Facebook being involved in data breach of millions of users worldwide, Chief Election Commissioner O.P. Rawat has said that the Election Commission of India will review its existing partnership with the company soon.

Rawat said the Commission is planning to discuss its association with the social media company when its members will convene their next meeting. If Facebook is found guilty of having been involved in influencing Indian elections or leaking data of users for that purpose, then there is no question of the Election Commission continuing its ties with the company, he said.

The Commissioner also played down concerns by explaining that users must not fear because the Commission has not found any linkage between Facebook and data of Indian voters. He said that even Facebook has not gained access to any information that users have not voluntarily given themselves.

The Election Commission has partnered with the social media giant to introduce outreach efforts and encourage more youngsters to register on electoral rolls and vote. Through their partnership, the Commission has been able to reach out and provide election-related information to the public.

Back in 2017, the Election Commission had also offered to help people register themselves on electoral rolls using Facebook. They had also used Facebook to urge citizens to register using an extensive campaign and reminders in several Indian languages.