India will never forget the Uri Attack; PM in Kozhikode

Narendra Modi

Speaking at a public event for the first time after the Uri Attack killed 18 Indian soldiers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi came hard on the terrorists and warned them that India will never forget this. He further added that India is very much capable of taking revenge of this attack and a suitable action will be taken at a suitable time.

Narendra Modi was speaking at Kozhikode where the BJP thinktank has gathered to be a part of the 3 day national conclave to kickstart the birth century celebration of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay. Prime Minister is in Kerala for a couple of days and this was his first appearance on the tour.

Speaking to the public, he slammed Pakistan for being a terror supporter country and added that after independence, India has done well and today India is exporting stuffs like software and new technology to the world and the same time, Pakistan hasn’t done anything better than exporting terrorism to all parts of the world.

Before coming to join the BJP conclave in Kozhikode, Prime Minister had met the three chiefs of Indian Armed Forces and it is being speculated that a firm decision will soon be taken by the government and the armed forces. According to the reports, the Uri attack was also discussed with utmost priority at the first day of BJP’s conclave.


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