priyanka gamdhi with husband robert vadra

Bikaner land scam: ED arrests two associates of Robert Vadra

Not a day passed when Congress heaved a sigh of relief as a special court acquitted former telecom minister A Raja and DMK's Kanimozhi...

Film on experiences of young LGBTQ+ people living in care premiers

Six young researchers, all identifying themselves as a part of the LGBTQA+ community and who have lived under care, have made a new film...

Here’s How We Debunk the Most Common Child Plan Myths for You

To raise your child properly, your duties aren’t limited to food, clothing and shelter. You also require shaping their knowledge and character, educate and...
Dr Vaishali Sharma UPSC IAS

Vaishali Sharma, deaf women who conquered UPSC CSE twice

Vaishali Sharma from Agra has cleared UPSC CSE twice. She is 80% hearing impaired and wants to serve the nation after being an IAS

10 People Who Matter In Mumbai

This article gives its readers a list of 10 people who extremely matter in the city of Mumbai.

Things Mumbaikars Love about Mumbai

Well, someone once said, ‘too much of anything is bad.’ But, Mumbaikars, even on having stayed in Mumbai for a tad too many years still can’t get enough of some things. And no matter how much they get of it, they will still be yearning more for it. Bindiya Chotrani talks all things Mumbai – that the locals here are frenzy about.

With its minority appeasement policy, BJP hosts lunch for Dalit families

BJP’s Karnataka president B S Yeddyurappa will be hosting the families of 33 Dalits for vegetarian lunch at his residence on Monday.

Practices to Follow for People with a Busy Schedule

For people with busy schedules, professional success can conflict with their health’s success. Continually staying active while juggling duties can be extremely challenging. But...

The ‘Bharatiya Naari’ from the 21st century

India maybe a larger than life country with an even larger than life population. And with a population so large, we do our best possible to live upto the maxim ‘Unity in Diversity’. Yet again, with all the unity, there still exists some division, some differentiation. Asking us how? We say Gender Bias. Women constitute a major part of the weaker sections of our society. Ever wondered what the 21st century Indian woman is all about?

Blast from the Past!

Tanvi Juwale considers it best to not pass a judgement on whether you should be or should not be getting back to your ex. But she does list down a few things you need to consider before you decide either way.