Most popular slangs spoken in Mumbai

Mumbai has a side to it that is defined through slangs, cuss words and the typical Bambaiya language used by taporis or otherwise. Bindiya Chotrani delves deeper into the many facets of Mumbai and gives you an insight into a disdained side of this city.

10 reasons why you should date a Mumbai Girl

This article is a humourous list of reasons to date a girl from Mumbai. No offense to anyone. Read and share some smiles !
richest person in bangalore, karnataka

List of 5 Richest People In the city of Bangalore

Bangalore is quiet a leader in the list of industrialists of the country. Check out a researched report about richest people in Bengalore.
Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid, Motivational Support to India’s future

This article gives a brief sneak-peak in Rahul Dravid's life. The Wall of Indian Cricket has a lot of unshared secrets.
Dr.Bindeshwar Pathak

Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, Toilet Man of India

Sulabh International, an initiative by Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak raises awareness among people to build toilets and stop defecating in open.

Diwali Celebration in Delhi

The various kinds of ways people celebrate diwali in delhi and how is it funny and relatable for most of us who live in Delhi.

Some quirky traits of mumbaikars

For all of you who wanted to know the weird and amusing behavior patterns of Mumbaikars but didn’t know who to ask, look no further. This article is an answer to your prayers. Read more for enlightenment.

The ‘Bharatiya Naari’ from the 21st century

India maybe a larger than life country with an even larger than life population. And with a population so large, we do our best possible to live upto the maxim ‘Unity in Diversity’. Yet again, with all the unity, there still exists some division, some differentiation. Asking us how? We say Gender Bias. Women constitute a major part of the weaker sections of our society. Ever wondered what the 21st century Indian woman is all about?

A “Dozen that Doesn’t” make sense to ask a Mumbaikar

Don’t say you weren't warned as this is one necessary piece of item that you’re about to read if you’re new to Mumbai. Ever experienced someone meeting you at the shopping mall or cinema hall and go all “What are you doing here”? All you feel like saying is “I’m planning to launch a bomb attack” but sadly your answer has to be the obvious and stated fact. On similar lines, if you’re new to Mumbai, Shruti Barot gives you the much necessary guide to, let’s just say, not make enemies in the city.

‘I hope no Kejriwal comes out of my movement again’ : Anna

AGRA: Social activist Anna Hazare said he hoped that another Arvind Kejriwal doesn't emerge from his movement again. "I hope no Kejriwal comes out of...