Things Mumbaikars Love about Mumbai

Well, someone once said, ‘too much of anything is bad.’ But, Mumbaikars, even on having stayed in Mumbai for a tad too many years still can’t get enough of some things. And no matter how much they get of it, they will still be yearning more for it. Bindiya Chotrani talks all things Mumbai – that the locals here are frenzy about.

Diwali Celebration in Delhi

The various kinds of ways people celebrate diwali in delhi and how is it funny and relatable for most of us who live in Delhi.

After My Garden Grows review

Story about women empowerment programme run in West Bengal present with the help of the documentary After my Garden Grows directed by Megan Mylan.

Most popular slangs spoken in Mumbai

Mumbai has a side to it that is defined through slangs, cuss words and the typical Bambaiya language used by taporis or otherwise. Bindiya Chotrani delves deeper into the many facets of Mumbai and gives you an insight into a disdained side of this city.
Increasing the wages of skilled, semi skilled, and skilled workers, Arvind Kejriwal took a drastic step.

Over 55 Lakh workers to be benefit from increased minimum wages

New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday, proclaimed an increase in minimum wages, and aforementioned that around 55 lakh contractual staff within the national capital will be benefited from the increased wages decided by the government. "Among varied steps to...

The ‘Bharatiya Naari’ from the 21st century

India maybe a larger than life country with an even larger than life population. And with a population so large, we do our best possible to live upto the maxim ‘Unity in Diversity’. Yet again, with all the unity, there still exists some division, some differentiation. Asking us how? We say Gender Bias. Women constitute a major part of the weaker sections of our society. Ever wondered what the 21st century Indian woman is all about?
Immigration counters set by Pakistan to facilitate daily travel

Pakistan sets up 80 immigration counters to speed up clearance process of pilgrims

Lahore: Pakistan has set up 80 immigration counters at the Kartarpur Corridor to speed up the clearance process of a large number of pilgrims...

A Mumbaikar’s mool mantras

Always wondered what makes Mumbai and the Mumbaikars so different? What is it that makes the a 'Muqqadar ka Sikandar'? Golden rules, we call them. Traits that commonly exist amongst most Mumbaikars. Beliefs that they firmly believe in. These values may exist all around the globe but the unique blend of the ones noted below set them apart. So is you ever wonder what keeps Mumbaikars keep going around the clock, remember that Amrietaa slipped you the secret.
Richest People in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

In A Special International Workers’ Day Video, Gautam Adani Salutes the Contribution of Employees...

Also known as May Day due to its universal celebration on the 1st May of every year, International Workers’ Day extols the dedication, courage,...
Pakistan to be presented before ICAO for violating guidelines

India lodges complaint with ICAO over Pakistan’s denial of permission to use its airspace...

New Delhi : India has taken the matter of Pakistan's move to deny permission to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's special flight to use its...