Modi starts Karnataka mission from Bangalore, vows for congress mukt state

By Narendra Modi [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Apart from causing traffic jams, Modi’s visit to Bengaluru was highly anticipated. Landing in Bengaluru, he made his entry in an MI-87 chopper. His speech was centered around the upcoming elections. With high security, he addressed the crowd gathered in Palace Grounds, Bengaluru. His address marks the end of BJP’s Parivarthana Yatra across Karnataka. To mark his entry into the state, Siddaramaiah sent a warm, welcoming tweet-

Prime Minister Modi’s address

The prime minister’s visit was made smooth by 3,000 of the police force, 1,200 traffic personnel. In his speech he made it clear that it was Congress’ time to go. Though he began his speech in Kannada, he very quickly switched to Hindi. The speech began by thanking all those present and remembering the glory of figures like Kempegowda, Kittur Chennamma, and Visveshwaraya among others. He also began the countdown for Congress rule in Karnataka, that they stand at the ‘exit gate’. He promised that Karnataka would be ‘Congress-mukt’ and also free of the corruption.

Modi covered the issues related to development and progress of the state. But, he forgot to address the elephant in the room, the Mahadayi water issue, sparking much discontent. He stressed on the motto, “Sabka saath, sabka vikas.” Assuring the people gathered, he said that BJP will bring change in the state, with its free electricity scheme, better roads and metro stations. He also very clearly implied that Congress is synonymous with corruption. The prime minister also highlighted how Congress hadn’t allowed the funds to reach the people in the state, the difference in the money given to the state, an increase of 180% by granting 2 lakh crores of rupees for the state.

The Promises

Prime minister Modi also spoke on the advantages and the benefits to the state through the budget for 2018. He assured employment to the people of the state and better infrastructure. He vouched for a government led by B.S. Yeddyurappa in the state, that the center and the state would work together. The past though under Yeddyurappa was not the best time for Karnataka. He expressed his concern for the farmers, and his policy of TOP, i.e. Tomato, Onion, and Potato. The prime minister also assured a 10,000 crore rupee fund for the start-ups, and how it would benefit the middle-class youth in the country.

The Aftermath

Upset with the fact that Modi didn’t speak on the Mahadayi water issue, a protest was organized in Freedom Park. The protest also saw the burning of the PM’s effigy. In the protest, Vatal Nagaraj was arrested. Therefore all is not well in Karnataka following his speech. Although he skimmed over the many issues that Karnataka faces. One can’t be sure the majority of the Kannadiga public understood his Hindi speech. Hopefully, this works out well for BJP.