Rahul Gandhi slams PM Modi for ‘suppressing voice of India’; accuses BJP of ignoring crucial issues


Speaking his mind for the first time on the Citizenship Amendment Act issue on Monday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on the Narendra Modi-led government. Congress leader accused the Bhartiya Janta Party of “suppressing the voice of India”. The leader expressed his mind to the reporters at the ‘Satyagraha for Unity’ event organized by the Congress party at Rajghat in the national capital.

At the event, senior party leaders such as Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh, Priyanka Gandhi were also present. They read out the preamble of the Constitution.


As quoted by ANI, Rahul Gandhi said, BJP is standing against the people of the nation. Narendra Modiji do not be disillusioned, you are not fighting against the Congress party. It is the voice of the country which you are standing against, and if you try to silence the voice of Bharat Mata, students, press, and judiciary then the Bharat Mata will give you a befitting response.”

Slamming the Modi administration, Rahu Gandhi also said that Prime Minister is “ruining” the country’s economy and there are no effective measures being taken up by the government for providing employment to the youth. He added, “The Preamble of the Constitution which we read today is the voice of the people of India. That same voice chased away the Britisher with peace and love but without stepping back… The enemies of the country have tried their level best to silence this voice, to destroy the progress of the nation, and to shatter its economy. But the thing which our enemies did not succeed in doing is now being done by Narendra Modiji.” 


Speaking more on the unemployment issue, Rahul Gandhi reminded everyone of the fact that the country’s current growth rate is 4 percent which used to be somewhere around 9 percent. He alleged that instead of focusing on employment and economy, the saffron party is curbing the dissent and snatching away the freedom of students.

Taking a jibe at the PM Modi’s comment over the identification of protestors from their clothes, he said that it is the Prime Minister who had “worn Rs 2 crore suit”.




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