Shiv Sena to take call on alliance with BJP in Maharashtra

After convening a party meeting on Monday Shiv Sena is on dicy grounds to continue the alliance with BJP in Maharashtra.

Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut on Monday after the meeting said that the party does not want to be blamed and to be scandalized with the BJP for its policies. These comments of the leader come with the rising protest against the hike in the fuel prices across the nation. He said that the policies of the Ruling BJP is “fleecing poor people and has inflated petrol and diesel prices.”

The party meeting was held in Mumbai on Monday to decide on the future of the alliance with BJP. This is not the first time that the allies are facing troubles being on the same page. The Shiv Sena has been criticising BJP over several issues including rising fuel prices and a persistent farmer crisis, in the state. The party has said that it will soon take a call whether or not the party will continue with the BJP alliance.

The party also hit back on the comment made by Union minister KJ Alphons. He had commented that those who can afford cars and bikes can also afford to pay higher fuel price. The Sena reverted that this comment made by KJ Alphons was an insult to the poor and the middle class.

The recent revision in the fuel rates on Sep 12 the petrol prices in Mumbai has shot up to as high as Rs 80 per liter.

Meanwhile, the Congress on Friday accused the Narendra Modi government of deliberately imposing the increased price of fuels on the people to fill in their coffers. Congress has asked the Modi government to immediately make a course correction in the fuel prices or the opposition will call for a nationwide agitation. The opposition party has also demanded a white paper from the government on the taxes on fuels and the gains from them.