TTV Dinakaran to launch a new party on March 15

Sidelined AIADMK rebel TTV Dinakaran has declared that he will launch a new political party and reveal all details about it along with suspended party leaders during an event in Madurai on 15 March.

Dinakaran said in a statement, “A political party is needed to retrieve the AIADMK from the clutches of traitors. We need a registered political party to fully retrieve the AIADMK from its current rulers.” He said the name, symbol, and flag of his party will be announced on the same day.

These developments have occurred just weeks after he won by-polls of Chennai’s RK Nagar seat, which used to be former chief minister Jayalalitha’s constituency. Even since her death, Dinakaran has been at bad terms will current CM, E. Palaniswamy, and his deputy, O. Panneerselvam, who had thrown him out of AIADMK after reuniting their factions under a common banner.

His bitter battle with the present AIADMK leadership left him with the Election Commission forcing him to give up the party’s symbol, following which he contested RK Nagar polls as an independent candidate and even managed to win by a large margin.

Dinakaran had then approached Delhi High Court to appeal against the Election Commission’s orders restraining him from using him AIADMK’s name and symbol. The court ruled in his favour last week and allowed him to create a new party with his symbol and any name of his choice.