Instagram’s new feature allows you to turns your Story into a sing-along


Instagram announced today that users can now automatically add song lyrics to their Story. To do so, they will have to add a music sticker along with their story and search for a song. If lyrics are available for the selected song, the user will be able to choose from different fonts and designs for the words to the song. Users will also be able to edit which part of the song to play on their Stories. Once anyone selects that Story to view, the lyrics will appear automatically. If someone taps on the lyrics, they will be able to hear the song continue playing and learn more about the artist who sings it. Before this feature was added, an Instagram user could add music to a Story, but if he wanted the lyrics to appear, they would have to be typed out by the member.

New Story feature

If you’re interested in trying out this feature by yourself, doing so is quite simple. According to Instagram, start out by selecting or snapping a photo or video. From there, upload it to your Story.

Once you have the content you want to use, according to Instagram, navigate to the square Stickers button in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Then, click on Music, which is in the second row and second column.

The lyrics feature is part of a recent push by Facebook to expand its music tools across its online platforms, which also include Whatsapp, Messenger and Oculus VR.


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