Remote working due to Covid-19 gives rise to VPN usage globally

VPN hack
Image Source: Extreme Tech

Organizations using VPN must make sure their VPN is secured or else could land in huge troube.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is one of the most important things now as people are working more on their Laptops/PCs and mobiles. VPNs do provide you with extra security but VPNs also must be secured.

The officals at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), stressed the importance of keeping workplaces secure.

The assistant director for cybersecurity at CISA says “We have been advising departments and agencies to patch [virtual private networks] for a year now. VPN now has gone from 10 or 15% of your enterprise traffic to maybe 95% of your enterprise traffic and we still see unpatched VPNs.”

He says this because attacks on VPN services have increased dramatically. The more the thing is in demand, the more must be the security. This applies to everything doesn’t it?.

Image Source:Google

There has been a rise in the usage of VPN services by many big organizations. And the use of unpatched VPNs leaves a good opportunity for hackers to get in and exploit their data.

According to research from Kaspersky over three-quarters of desktop devices have adequate antivirus or cybersecurity software installed, Three quarters is not good. It must be 100 percent, to be honest. Every device must be secured. Security is a necessity.

There are so many memes on the internet that shows the antivirus software itself comes with a virus and then keeps on cleaning it. Well, anti-virus software does clean and protect you from external harmful files, malware, and ransomware, etc.

Not everyone feels they require antivirus and numbers also show that. According to a survey, nearly a fifth (17%) of laptops supplied by UK employers also lacked security software.

I know people complain about the prices of this software, they search for crack versions and stuff. You can find it if you know the right place to search for.

If you don’t then please don’t search for crack versions of antivirus because they are the most targeted files which may contain ransomware and viruses. Either you buy the original product or you don’t even try to get the crack if you don’t know how to do it.


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