IPL 2020 : BCCI issues 16-page SOP for franchisee & players

Indian Premier League 2020
IPL 2020 starting from September 19 Image source: Official IPL Facebook page.

Since its inception in 2008, IPL has broken all the popularity records and gone onto become the most followed T20 league in the world. One of the main reasons for the growth and popularity of this league are the fans. They play an important role in turning the atmosphere of the game into something worth experiencing. But unfortunately this time, it is going to be different. Due to the on going pandemic period, Indian Premier League will be held in the UAE, behind closed doors. Which means, no one is allowed to be inside the stadium other than the players and the staff members. BCCI has issued a SOP which provides safety and health guidelines.

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been rolled out by the BCCI for the upcoming season of IPL 2020. This protocol consists of safety measures that has to be taken care by the players, staffs and their families.

BCCI sent a 16-page document which contained all the health and safety protocols that has to be followed by all the eight teams which are travelling to the UAE. From having regular testing to separate hotels, a proper health and safety protocol will be followed.

The major guidelines issued by the BCCI for the upcoming IPL 2020

  • Every team should have a team doctor who will take care of the medical guidelines.
  • A number of charted flights could be flying to theUAE as it would ensure proper social distancing.
  • All the players, staffs and other people who are flying to the UAE should have a negative test report 96 hours prior to the arrival.
  • Wearing a triple-layered mask will be compulsory for all the players and staffs while in a public place.
  • A Bio-Secure environment has to be created and all the players have to sign an agreement in acceptance of the same. Only in exceptional cases, like visiting a hospital for tests or because of an injury, a player can avoid the Bio-Secure bubble. Violation of this rule will lead to punishment under IPL code of conduct rules.
  • Players, staffs and other people who have cleared the tests are only allowed in an around the match venue.
  • No handshakes during toss or post-match.
  • Each player will have a named bottle for the drinks during a match.
  • Use of swimming pool is prohibited in the hotels and at the training arena as well.
  • While travelling to the venue, players are directed to sit on the window seats respectively to ensure social distancing.
  • Only 15 players at a time will be allowed inside the dressing room whereas all the commentators have to follow the 6-feet distancing.

BCCI has reached into depths to ensure safety to all the players, staffs and other people. This time it is going to be different , but we can still experience a great battle between the eight teams for the apex position.


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