Lockdown in Adelaide might be beneficial for India-Australia test : Health Officer

There has been a sudden surge of the coronavirus cases in South Australia for which they decided to implement a 6 day lockdown period to contain the virus and have control over the situation. This keeps the chances alive of the first day and night test match to be played between Australia and India in Adelaide on December 17th. According to the top medical officer, the situation is quite unpredictable for now and hence nothing can be said for now.

All the Australian cricketers were airlifted earlier this week to south Wales due to the sudden surge in the positive cases of the coronavirus as the number stands at 551 right now. In order to prevent more trouble, the state has closed its borders in hopes to contain the deadly virus.

The chief public health officer of Australia Nicola Spurrier has already admitted to the fact there’s no absolute guarantee during a press conference.

During a media conference, Spurrier had told that nothing’s clear as he does not have a crystal ball to predict things.

With a note of positivity, she said that they look to build an be in a better position until the date so that the cricket match can be played.

A lockdown will increase the chances of the happening of the match and it will also bring new normalcy to the lives of the people.

These efforts are being made in order to bring normalcy and have fewer restrictions in the state and thus to be able to hold normal cricket and international cricket matches.

Starting from November 27 is limited over series between India and Australia where they will play 3 ODI’s and as many T20’s.

The pacer from Australia Josh Hazle wood has suggested that the pink ball should only be used in the Adelaide Oval.

He believes that the pink ball won’t be suited on the other grounds as the wickets are way too hard. They could use a red ball and use a pink ball when they return to Adelaide.

Lastly, he spoke on the chances of the match being held and stated that the reports are fine for now but anytime the changes could be made. It is a good ground to start the series as they have a good record over there as well.