List of 11 most popular, top websites Startup Listings in India

Any startup business wants an initial recognition or a break or a message you want to send to the world. So the first 30 days of your company is critical, so you should have a big company directory of sites. It helps to introduce the company to all potential founders, seed investors, venture capitalists, advertisers, etc. The following product submission list has been curated based on traffic, brand visibility, page rating, and listing capacity.

Also, make sure that you don’t flood this list and send out your message with straightforward and creative facts about you. To get the full value out of this list, please make sure that you strictly follow their submission guidelines. And it certainly lets you get identified easily on the pages.



Official Website:
Founder(s): Shradha Sharma
Founded in: October 1, 2008
Startups Listed: 60k is India’s one of the largest media-tech company for covering the startup’s story. YS would be a great boom for your startup as their official site claims that they are getting 120M content views per month. Besides this, YS has a strong social media fan base, which is around 4.6M.

Pros: YourStory has a very high social media following as well as a massive amount of monthly views.

Cons: You need to pay high fees to get your startup listed on YourStory.

Startup Talky


Official Website:
Founder(s): Shubham Kumar
Founded in: 3 April 2014
Startups Listed: 11k

StartupTalky is an Indian based startup listing site where you can publish your startup’s success story. To begin the process of the same, you need to mail them on their official mail id. The site claims to have 50k monthly traffic and they also have a good Alexa ranking.

Pros: StartupTalky has an active Facebook community of around 100k+ members so that you can build up your network.

Cons: Foreign traffic is a bit low compared to the Indian audience on the site.


Official Website:
Founder(s): Ashish Sinha
Founded in: 2009
Startups Listed: 12k

NextBigWhat is an Indian based online portal that reports news on entrepreneurship and technology. NBW is one of the largest Indian portals in startup listing. The portal is ranked on 88,000 by Alexa with 76% Indian traffic. Started as, which was a result of hobby and passion to help budding entrepreneurs, the media platform went out to become India’s largest and meaningful platform for startups.

Pros: If your targeting audience is Indian, then you must submit your startup here.

Cons: The majority of the audience is Indian ( 76% ), so if you are targeting Foreign audiences for your business, then NBW is not what you are looking for.



Official Website:
Founder(s): Naval Ravikant
Founded in: 2010
Startups Listed: 25k

AngelList is another Indian platform for the listing of startups. It was started by two serial entrepreneurs Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi. In May 2020, AngelList has a global ranking of 8k ( Alexa ). AngelList Jobs connects talents with startups, with over 35,000 recruiting companies, more than 2,000,000 candidates, and 5 million registered users.

Pros: It is one of the prominent startup listing platforms in India that started back in 2010.

Cons: One has to try a bit hard to get his startup listed on AngelList.

Killer starups logo

Official Website:
Founder(s): John Ruhlin
Founded in: January 2007
Startups Listed: 88k

Launched back in January 2007, their market value is tracked at $1m-$2 m and it may not be shocking to discover your startup listed and evaluated without your actual action, as the website has been observed to participate in coverage efforts beyond active listing by business owners. The group has more than 125,000 active members and has analyzed more than 88,000 start-ups since 2007, the notable finds being Uber, Plum, Wego, etc.

Pros: Beyond a startup directory, KillerStartups provides training and other services mainly for website owners and entrepreneurs.

Cons: It’s a foreign-based site, so if you are looking to attract the Indian audience then this one is not for you.

Product Hunt

ProductHunt logo


Official Website:
Founder(s): Ryan Hoover
Founded in: November 6, 2013
Startups Listed: 11k

With hundreds of thousands of users, product hunt is one of the best sites to share and explore new technology products, applications, websites, etc. Apps on the app will check your product for free and give you accurate reviews as soon as they see it on the website. The website also provides a regular email list that delivers the tech searches of the day to registered customers. When you’re in the gaming industry, this could even be a perfect spot to put your company because it really is among the best directories out there.

Pros: The website allows the submission of MVP and beta versions of the product as long as detailed data (explainer video, walkthrough, blueprint, etc.) on its use and efficiency are provided.

Cons: It’s a bit hard to come on the top of the listing on ProductHunt as there are tons of submissions every day.

Smashing Magazine

Logo of smashing magazine

Official Website:
Founder(s): Vitaly Friedman
Founded in: 2006
Startups Listed: 35k

Smashing Magazine offers important and creative tips to web designers and developers. The goal is to educate our readers of the latest developments and techniques in web creation. Here you can advertise your product or your business by uploading your info. After checking your commercial, your submitted image and definition will be reflected in the shattering magazine.

Pros: This platform is wholly dedicated to web developers, so if your startup is from the same sector then this is a must-have to you.

Cons: In case, you are running a non-developer startup, then Smashing Magzine is of no use to you.


CrunchBase logo

Official Website:
Founder(s): Michael Arrington
Founded in: 2007
Startups Listed: 55M

Started more than 12 years ago and back in July 2007, Crunchbase is a successful start-up directory. Crunchbase has about 50 million registrations, including investors as well as market researchers and salesmen and women, apart from their already-expected and strong entrepreneurial base. The website is proud of more than 3,700 major investment companies providing monthly portfolio reports. Crunchbase is the one-stop repository for seeking company knowledge for both private and public organizations.

Pros: If you’re running a startup or an MNC, listing your business on Crunchbase should be your number one priority.

Google My Business (GMB)

Google my business logo

Official Website:
Founder(s): Sundar Pichai
Founded in: 2017

Do you ever wonder how certain businesses will place them about us, contact information and other things on the right side of the Google search results as you search for their name? That’s because they’ve put their company on Google My Business. Listing on Google My Company is actually more relevant to your internet history than your mind can actively remember. This is primarily via this platform that companies are able to view their “About” information section and contact details to the right of the search results from Google’s search page, while still being displayed, in a way, on Google Maps.

Pros: The benefit of using this service is its local SEO advancement, which makes companies easily accessible to customers in the search area as soon as they look for businesses with the “close me” app. Even if you might not have posted your company yourself, you may be late in the game and demand a current entry, which is a huge added bonus. logo

Official Website:
Founder(s): Jonathan Wall
Founded in: 2012
Startups Listed: 112k bills itself as a venue for entrepreneurs to show off, for tech fans to have their daily news sorted, and for experts to use our data to prospect, track rivals, and work with their teams. The network uses artificial intelligence to link entrepreneurs to corporate brands and investors. It’s a data mine to find for news and data linked to a business. The free version is also linked to three different paid plans, including the cheapest $25 / month fee for workflow automation through app connectivity.

Pros: provides a free plan


Ziipa Logo

Official Website:
Founder(s): Hugo Aponte, Lee Starusta
Founded in: May 2008
Startups Listed: 98k

Ziipa’s proprietary algorithm allows users to rate and link smartphone and web apps based on user interest. Our special “Patent Pending” process of predicting device change of interest links consumers and devices in real-time. The Ziipa platform would allow the underdog, fresh and underfunded to be discovered more easily by balancing the playing field and offering an incentive to be discovered on the basis of user interaction.

Pros:  Ziipa is a platform which completely dedicated to smartphones and web apps. Hence, it’s a must one for startups in web or smartphone app development.

Cons: Its a niche-specific platform, so you need to be careful while listing your startup


To list a startup on any startup listing site is a mandatory practice. Without this, the game of success becomes a lot harder. Therefore, we have listed down all the giants of the industry above. Just check which platform matches your need and list your startup there.


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