Apple’s ARM-based MacBooks may be significantly cheaper than current Intel-powered machines

There have been lot of conjectures about the initial ARM MacBooks of Apple. Inside a 12-inch MacBook, Apple would be putting a 12-core ARM based processor, claimed @Lovetodream. In comparison with the current one it would be using more cores for the A12Z Bionic. As per the conjectures in the market, at one of the special event on October 27, Apple will debut this 12-inch MacBook. As discussed previously, there can be four distinct variants and three screen sizes.

Moreover a 12-inch MacBook is not the only ARM-based Apple laptop whose launch can be expected this year. As per the statement of @komiaya_kj, Apple will be releasing a MacBook Pro 13 which would be functioning on its new ARM chipsets. The MacBook Pro 13 will be featuring a Touch Bar and a cooling fan, but neither will be present on the 12-inch MacBook, claims the account.

Adding on to more information, the cost of ARM-powered MacBook Pro 13 will be $1,099, although @komiya_kj has cleared out that the exact cost of the device is still unknown. The cost of the current entry-level MacBook Pro 13 is for US$799.  The 12-inch MacBook will start at roughly US$799, which would make it US$200 cheaper than the current entry-level MacBook Air. The initial benchmarks from the A12ZBionic, which is based upon Apple Developer kit looks much more promising, so it would be delighting to see how smoothly does Apple perform with the help of 12-core and 5 nm chipsets.


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