Instagram to launch online shopping shortly

Instagram, the top Picture and stories sharing app is all set to introduce its new feature “online shopping” for its users.

Instagram sneakily added a native payment feature which has been discovered by some users. Adding card details to the profiles and setting up security pin are some of the new features Instagram will introduce to let it’s users enjoy online shopping on Instagram.

Instagram has already turned into a good option for many brands and businesses to promote their products, So selling is not a new thing on Instagram, But the only downside currently is the payment option which is missing, So the users are not able to make payments, But that will soon be changed.

With the payment options now, the buyers and sellers won’t have to be in a dazzle to leave the app and look for a common payment option.

Twitter user Genady Okrain was the first person to spot the feature. Instagram has confirmed that limited No. of partners will be able to book appointments at restaurants and salons.

Instagram in 2017 gave a hint “the ability to book a service with a business directly from their profile” but didn’t mention the native payments options.

Instagram is growing day- by -day and its popularity among people is increasing hence it is a great venue to portray art, food, places, and products.

The shopping and payments can result in a boosting option for the businesses and products as they can reach a large No. of people and target the audiences according to their Plan of action.


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