Jio claims a new technology of wireless charging- JioJuice

After the grand announcement came stating that Jio has extended its Prime offer for yet another year absolutely free of cost, the company came with another thrilling and promising announcement.

The declaration of the launch of JuiJuice- a technology which promises to provide wireless charging to your smartphone.
This is done by inserting the 4G sim card into your smartphone which then charges the phone wirelessly.

In a tweet by the Twitter handle of Jio, the company said,

“Time to say goodbye to chargers and heavy power banks. Introducing JioJuice, #JioJuice. #WithLoveFromJio “

Extending the Prime offer for all customers till March 2019 whose prime would be going to end soon came as a joy to them. Followed by that came this declaration of JioJuice and the company has promoted the technology through all its social media accounts, while people have reacted in several ways some showing their immense excitement and looking forward to launch while others just considering it an April Fool prank.

Usually every post on this date is considered to be a prank especially when OYO had announced the token sale of OYO smart coins pitching which was remarked as an innovative step leading to a cause in a revolution in the travel and hospitality industry. While OYO smart coins remained the top trending topic on Twitter for 4-5 hours and continued to gain popularity for three long days with 5,000 registrations, people were amused upon learning the same to be an April Fool prank.

Team TIW aspires the JioJuice is no such prank and with the innovative technology, Reliance Jio has taken a big step in forwarding the technology to a higher level. Or who know if our aspirations will come down to a humour? Only time will reveal.