Microsoft brings a new version of Copy Paste feature with latest update

Image Source: Windows Report

With the new Windows 10 update, you get a tweak in the regular copy-paste function.

Microsoft has observed that a lot of people copies a link from the browser wants to paste it as a plain text, rather than a hyperlink. So to deal with that Microsoft has brought a new addition to their copy-paste function.

The normal copy-paste is still Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v. But instead of Ctrv+v if you use Shift+Ctrl+v, the link you copied will get pasted in a text format.

The Link Format option only currently works with URLs copied from the web browser’s address bar, but Microsoft is working to expand the feature to include in-page links as well.

Microsoft copy paste
Image Source: Microsoft

Talking about the update, Microsoft says

“We wanted to dig into how users feel about copy and pasting a URL from their web browser. We looked to understand what they do when they copy and paste URLs, as well as the pain points they experience,”

“We found that one has to regularly edit the URL to make them understandable for sharing or remove seemingly extra parameters. We also learned that nearly everyone, at one point, wants the full, plain-text URL exactly as it was copied.”

This feature is not yet available in a stable version but it is in testing mode. If you want to test it you can try it on the Edge Canary. It is a beta version of your edge. All the new features are tested there before.

The clipboard is also expected to get a new look. After the update, the clipboard would store recently copied images and GIFs, as well as 25 text entries.


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