Reasons for Xiaomi to be ‘Revolutionary’ with product line in 2018


Earlier this week started with the evolution, as Xiaomi marked himself in Television category. The year 2018 looked much responsive for Xiaomi due to few changes in their strategies and products variety.

Firstly, with the low cost but highly specified Television from Xiaomi has marked himself to the top place. They  announced the first content-based PatchWall OS, it has been collecting high quality content from various sources in different languages. They have included 13 system languages along with the 12 Indic languages with the large inventory to discover as it has over 500,000 hours of content to watch, Video-On-Demand providers, with over 80 percent free content. Moreover the content is known as the heart of the Industry, and Xiaomi has been ruling it now!

The marketing strategy they are offering has been one of the main reasons for their establishment. Firstly, they started with conquering the online world through various availability for their products, especially Smartphones. India has been the main reason here, the people were more driven more efficiently towards online sources as compared to any other sources. Now, they moved up to an offline strategy that looks much sorted in India. From the last few months Xiaomi has been aggressive launching products and campaigns in offline sources too.

Well, Cost can be the one of the big reasons for their impact on the market. If you will dig deeper and analyze the costing for their products, you will notice a as most of them is relatively low as compared to the best. Apart from this, there products has the best and durable built quality that is further catching customer’s attention.

If we will move to China, we will see that it has the massive portfolio of products. They have products like air purifiers, electric scooters and even shoes, in china’s market industry. The diversity of products Xiaomi has been following is really great to maintain their online presence and reputation.

But still Xiaomi has more to explore and really a long way to fetch the premium leadership like Apple. Fairly, Xiamoi is no more behind and looks much dominant as they look like the ‘Revolutionary’ of 2018.