Japan’s Abe meets British PM May; Japan wish strong ties, fully supports Brexit deal, Abe says

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has on Thursday said, the world did not want to adopt no-deal Brexit and also he tried to fully support British Prime Minister Theresa May’s withdrawal deal from the EU (European Union), facing a defeat in parliament.

According to Reuters, some of the Japanese leading companies in Britain have warned about disaster if there would be no-deal Brexit. Abe, after having a meeting with May in London, said it was a scenario that no one wanted to see.

In a news conference, Abe said: “It is the strong will of Japan to further develop this strong partnership with the UK, to invest more into the country and to enjoy further economic growth with the UK.”

He added: “That is why we truly hope that a no-deal Brexit will be avoided and, in fact, that is the wish of the whole world.”

Japanese firms have spent more than $59 billion (46 billion pounds) in Britain. However, the future of Brexit remains uncertain as British lawmakers are expected to vote down the deal on January 15, which May has struck with the EU in November, and since Abe has been one of the strongest international supported of May’s Brexit deal.

Abe said: “Japan is in total support of the draft withdrawal agreement worked out between the EU and Prime Minister May which provides for a transition to ensure legal stability for businesses that have invested into this country.”

However, the investors fear that if May’s deal gets defeated as then the world’s fifth largest economy could get plunged into a no-deal exit from the world’s biggest trading bloc.


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