Google launched Ambient mode for Google Assistant

Google announced ambient mode back in September at IFA 2019. The company said this mode would make it easier for users to access features such as calendar, reminders, and notification through their phone’s lock screen. According to the company, the ambient mode will convert the device into smart display while it is on charging. The mode is based on Google Assistant.

Yesterday, Android’s official Youtube channel uploaded a video about Ambient mode.

Arvind Chandrababu, Product Manager of Google assistant, says in the video that the ulmate goal of this mode is to help the user get things done faster and accomplish a task as quickly as possible. Ambient Mode could tell you what your next meeting is, what your commute is, and let you turn off the lights as you’re about to leave the house, all from your lock screen. It can even play a slideshow from your gallery or play your favorite playlist.  Based on the September announcement, devices that will get Ambient Mode are two Lenovo tablets: the Yoga Smart Tab and the Smart Tab M8, and two Nokia phones: the Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2.

According to Chandrababu, the mode is “deeply integrated” into Android, so it will be available for all the Android devices soon. Google also promises that this is just the beginning and Ambient Mode is simply the foundation on which a more proactive Assistant will be built.


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