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The Porsche 718 Boxster S, how have they managed to go wrong with it?

The Porsche 718 boxster s , boring in every fathomable way. Why it isn't better than the BMW M3, or the Audi, or a lot of other cars? How wasteful is it?

As a rule of thumb, front wheel drive cars under steer and rear wheel drive cars over steer. But in the Porsche, the engine having been mounted in the middle, makes the car aberrant, a quality sought after by the Porsche lovers. This unpredictable predictability is what gives the Porsche, its personality and its name. Porsche has a mystifying array of cars to choose from and all of them look alike. The Porsche Boxster S is no different and forms another concrete illustration to this onerous range. The Porsche 718 Boxster S, as the name suggests has a Boxster engine, which gives the car a low center of gravity, that means the car can handle better and keep the corners tight, not that you will ever take it to the race track.porsche-boxter-exclusive-4

Performance figures

Foot hard down it will take 4.6 seconds to get to 100 kph and go on till 285 kph. At its heart is a 2.5 liter, flat 6, naturally aspirated Boxster engine, beating out a virtuous 350 bhp. As a result of being naturally aspirated the car makes an abysmal clatter, something that prevents you from flooring the accelerator, it’s something that isn’t a reason for you to drive the Porsche just to drive it. To top it off, is the throttle response, coupled with the automatic gearbox, it is peculiarly doleful. The manual gearbox is the right way ahead if you choose to buy this car.

It is onerous to imagine how Porsche went wrong, considering every car they make is alike, since a few hundred years. Its not like the car isn’t fast, it is, it does accelerate like a bat out of hell. It is quick on the trigger when it comes to handling. The finest of materials are thrown in whipping up the interior, yet it is unstimulating. The car also manages to turn heads with its iconic Porsche look. But the question you should ask yourself is this, would you choose it over a BMW M3 or an Audi RS4 or a Mercedes SLK or tens of other cars that are better than this.

Then there is the rate of depreciation of Porsche’s, they depreciate faster than they accelerate. With other Porsche’s this parameter is usually overlooked as the feel of the car makes it all worth it. But in the Boxster, it just doesn’t cut the mustard. On Indian roads the Boxster is as good as a ship out of water. Considering buying this then, is a waste of breath.picsart_10-14-12-14-32

Rumors are that porsche are about to find a cure for this illness by giving the boxster a turbo, maybe then things will be different.

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    • No, I am just going with the bad ones first. The problem is that Porsche know whats expected of them after years of making almost the same type of cars, and now they don’t know how to do it any differently. As a result, most of their attempts to make the car different is actually ending up making them bad.

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