ITC to enter into fruits, vegetables & perishables items


Y.C. Deveshwar, ITC Chairman confirms in the company’s AGM that, ITC is soon going to enter into fruits , vegetables and other perishables segment in order to build an agri-based industry for the future. The company has already started working on creating the infrastructure for it and is investing in supply chain.

The company will develop an agri-value chain, which will help farmers to diversify their crop production as well as manage wastage. The chain will help customers to get fresh, frozen and dehydrated agri-products which will provide them with high quality options.

Deveshwar said investments are underway to create climate-controlled infrastructure for an efficient supply chain to unlock the potential latent in this area.

The company, which has recently launched Frozen Prawns under its ITC Master Chef brand, will soon extend to pan India. While, the Kolkata-headquartered firm is also looking to invest in farming of aromatic and medicinal plants.

The company is working in the rural areas with the farmers from the year 2000 through its network of e-Choupal and over 4 million farmers have benefited from this initiative so far.