SBI Life eShield vs SBI Poorna Suraksha : Which one to choose?

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Term insurance can be deemed as one of the best insurance options. Using it, as the guardian of the family, you get to secure future well-being of their families.

Life is full of uncertainties and you can never predict what the next moment holds. To make sure that your family has enough financial support to manage their regular expenses and lifestyle, you, you can opt for a term insurance plan. In short, if you have anyone dependent on your income – parents, children or relatives – you need term insurance. Even financial planning contends that a term insurance plan is the best form of insurance as it offers a higher cover amount at a much lower price.

When it comes to term insurance plans in India, another insurance provider can come across the services provided by SBI Life Insurance. SBI term insurance plans are the most cost-effective, basic and easy to buy term insurance plans that protect your family’s financial future at a nominal cost. The premiums paid for term plans are much pocket-friendly compared to other insurance providers.

SBI term insurance offers a wide array of term plans & products to provide financial protection against life’s uncertainties.

SBI Life Poorna Suraksha

SBI term insurance offers various policies to meet its customers’ needs. ‘SBI Life Poorna Suraksha’ is a non-participating term insurance plan that covers 36 critical illnesses. A term insurance plan that also covers critical illness is one of the most unique and thoughtful products of the insurance industry.

Children can buy this plan as a gift to their parents, offering them a comprehensive life insurance policy. Poorna Suraksha was introduced by SBI Life keeping in mind the theme of ‘reverse parenting’. People are more prone to illnesses and sickness in their old age. It’s also difficult to cover the treatment cost related to critical illnesses. Therefore, it becomes more crucial to secure your parents’ health in their old age.

Benefits of SBI Life Poorna Suraksha Plan

  • Let you secure your parent’s health in their old age
  • Provides dual benefit of term insurance plan along with built-in critical illness cover
  • Fixed premium amount throughout the term of the plan
  • Waiver of Premium on the diagnosis of listed critical illness in the policy document

Why Choose Poorna Suraksha Plan?

Your financial needs keep on changing with your increasing age and the constant new additions in the list of your responsibilities. This plan helps you balance your life and critical illness in the most affordable way.


  • Increasing insurance


The cover amount provided under  Poorna Suraksha plan is re-analyzed and balanced every year based on your financial needs. You can get your coverage under the plan increased in a systematic way. It will help you minimize your unnecessary out of pocket expenses.


  • Lump Sum Payout


In case you are diagnosed with a critical illness, it becomes vital for you to have access to a lump sum amount so that you can efficiently bear the cost of your treatment. This plan covers about 36 critical illnesses. As you will have access to sufficient funds, it will be possible for you to focus on education or work without any difficulty.


  • Fixed Premium


One of the most unique advantages of SBI Life Poorna Suraksha is that its premium remain the same, even after the cover amount has increased.


  • Sum Assured


The sum assured (cover amount) is balanced between the life insurance and critical illness cover component. The sum assured is adjusted on the policy anniversary. In case any of your parents are diagnosed with a critical illness mentioned in the policy document, a lump sum payment will be made and all the future premiums will be waived off.


  • No Stress of the Treatment Cost


Healthcare services are pretty expensive these days. Even if you are working on a handsome salary and both your parents are also employed, it is not easy to overcome the treatment cost connected with critical illnesses.

By purchasing this SBI plan, you can cover the associated risks prominently. It’s one of the best ways to offer quality healthcare and stress-free life to your parents.

SBI Life eShield Plan

This is one of the basic SBI term insurance plans with an additional Accidental Death Benefit offering pure death benefit. SBI Life will pay the cover amount to the nominee or the legal heir in the event of the untimely demise of the life assured during the policy tenure.

Features of SBI Life eShield:

  • Minimum age criterion for the Level Cover option (with or without) Accidental Death Benefit is of 18 years and the maximum age is of 65 years.
  • Minimum age for the Increasing Cover option (with or without) Accidental Death Benefit is of 18 years and the maximum age is of 60 years.
  • Policy Term for the Level Cover option (with or without) Accidental Death Benefit is minimum years and maximum 30 years.
  • Policy Term for the Increasing Cover (with or without) Accidental Death Benefit is minimum 10 years and maximum 30 years.
  • The maximum age or the maturity age of the life assured should be of 70 years at the end of the policy tenure.
  • The minimum sum assured is of Rs. 20 Lakh, without any limit for maximum sum assured.

Why choose SBI Life eShield?



  1. Level Term Insurance with or without Accidental Death Rider – Under this plan option, the cover amount assured remains same throughout the entire policy tenure.
  2. Increasing Term Assurance with or without Accidental Death Rider – under this plan option, the basic sum assured keeps on increasing at 10% simple interest after the completion of every 5th policy year without causing an increase in the premium amount.


  • Optional Accidental Death Benefit Rider:


Besides the in-built benefit of accidental death benefit, you can also opt for an additional accidental death benefit rider. In case the death of the life assured occurs due to an accident, his nominee will receive an additional rider benefit sum assured besides the effective sum assured.


  • Tax Benefits


Under this policy, the payouts, as well as the premiums paid, are tax-free u/s Section 80C and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Over to You

Now when you are aware of the features and benefits of both these plans, take your time to analyze and decide which one will suit you better.

On one hand, SBI Poorna Suraksha plan gives you an opportunity to convey your gratitude to your parents by providing them with a comprehensive term insurance plan; and, at the same time, SBI Life eShield gives you an opportunity to provide pure protection to your dependents in case any eventuality occurs to you. These SBI term insurance plans have the potential to fulfil the complete insurance needs of an insurance seeker.


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