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Smart, wrinkle-free clothing is something that gives you that extra edge in everyday clothing as well as for functions or interviews. To keep your clothes looking fresh and new, you need the right kind of iron. There are many choices available in the market, but the question is, which is the right iron for you?

Read on to know about the features to look for while purchasing an iron.

Things to Consider When Buying an Iron

Here are some essential things that should be considered before you buy your iron online:

Non-Stick Coating

The quality of ironing depends on the quality of its soleplate. The better the quality, the longer your iron will last and maintenance will be convenient. This also makes the iron both scratch-resistant and rust-resistant.

Some irons in the market, like the Crompton dry iron or steam iron, have a double layer of either American Heritage or Weilburger non-stick ceramic coating. The coating material is ceramic, ensuring that the iron heats up evenly providing smooth glide and durability. Such an iron will prevent any damage to your garments due to excessive heat.

You can get an iron with a larger soleplate that lets you cover a wider area for quicker and effective ironing. Some have curved edges to ensure no bunching of clothes when the iron is moved backwards and forward.


The speed of heating and the level of heating your iron achieves depend on the wattage and a powerful heating element. This is applicable for any iron you buy, and in the case of a steam iron, the wattage also determines the amount of steam generated. The higher the wattage, the better the performance of the iron.

Ergonomic Design:

Ease of operating the iron is an important consideration when it comes to buying an iron. The handle of your iron should be designed to ensure comfort while ironing.

You should buy an iron with an ergonomic handle which is heat resistant and shockproof. It will ensure you stay completely protected. These irons have a stainless steel body.

Temperature Control:

Since you will have different fabrics to iron, flexibility in temperature control is extremely important.

Choose a dry iron or steam iron with a temperature control dial that makes it easy to operate. You usually get six different settings for jeans, nylon, linen, cotton, silk and wool to choose from. The temperature can be regulated according to the fabric so that they don’t overheat and damage the fabric.

Movement Flexibility

For unrestricted movement, while ironing, you need to have the right type of power cord. Retractable cords are more convenient compared to ordinary cords.

Some irons, such as the Crompton Instaglide dry iron has a 360-degree swivel cord for smooth movement and convenient usage. This reduces the stress on your hands. The iron can be placed upright, making it more stable. The time you take to iron also comes down considerably as you can move it in all directions.

Weight of Iron

While a heavyweight iron removes creases more quickly compared to lighter irons, it can also cause discomfort. An iron in the 1.5-kg range is ideal for getting rid of all creases in your clothes.

When you have a lot of clothes to iron regularly, choose a lighter iron.

Water Tank Capacity

The water tank capacity should be considered as a higher capacity means that frequent refills are not required, and you can iron many clothes at once. Go for a steam iron with at least a 350-ml tank capacity.

Unlike dark or opaque water tanks, you can get an iron with a transparent tank that allows easy checking of water levels.

Superior Technology

Hard water is something that damages the iron. You will need to descale your iron at regular intervals. Go for steam irons that have an auto self-clean function that prevents corrosion due to hard water resulting in a longer lifespan and improved efficiency of the iron.

You should also look for anti-drip technology that prevents spillage of water droplets. The water-spray facility takes care of any stubborn creases. You can vary the amount of steam you need. While some irons offer a minimum of 15 gms of steam output, others go up to 22 gms. The higher the steam output, the easier it is to iron your clothes.

Auto Shut Off Feature

You are exposed to potential fire hazards if the iron is not switched off. You should ensure that your iron has an auto shut off feature to protect you from such dangers.

Warranty and Price:

The top iron brands in India, like Crompton, give you a 2-year warranty on irons. You should check the warranty for the terms and conditions before making a decision. The steam iron price and dry iron price both depend on the features you choose and can range from INR 650-1700/-.

Make an Impression with the Right Iron

If you love your clothes, you will make sure you get the right iron for them. You should look for efficiency, smart functions, movement flexibility, the weight of iron, non-stick coating, ergonomic design, and warranty in an iron. Also, when it comes voltage functioning choose irons that don’t cause too many fluctuations in voltage.

To get the best dry iron in India or steam iron, don’t forget to check these features! Step out in style with the right iron!

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