Wed. May 29th, 2024
200 point reservation

The Union Cabinet has approved of the Human Resource Development Ministry’s Proposal of sanctioning 200 point reservation for faculty positions that are vacant in educational institutions. The Union Minister of HRD Ministry Prakash Javadekar had told on Tuesday regarding the restoration of 200 point reservation for a faculty position.

Last week it was found that the supreme court approved of the order which was initially proposed by Allahabad High Court that the faculty position reservation should be calculated department-wise, instead of considering university as a unit for calculating faculty positions for reservation.

This decision would have impacted SC/ST/OBC communities by providing limited seats reserved for the SC/ST/OBC category candidates for every department.

“The switch from university-wise to a department-wise reservation in faculty positions in universities and colleges is expected to make a big dent in SC/ST and OBC representation among teachers. This is evident from the projection made by the Union government in its review petition filed in the Supreme Court last month. If the reservation is implemented department-wise, the total posts across SCs, STs, and OBCs in 21 central universities will shrink from 2,663 to 1,241,” the statement read.


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