Her Dreams Queen’s Valley Junior School in Delhi notifies EWS Students to enroll again

Teachers on Protest

The Parents of the Economically Weaker Section students at a Private School were notified to apply for new admission to Class III.

Students who were initially given admission to Her Dreams Queen’s Valley Junior School were notified on 27th November 2018 by Directorate of Education that the admission for The Economically Weaker Section Students to Class II will be conducted centrally and therefore, they are advised to apply online.

The Department notified that the schools built on the government land will have to conduct admissions through online application for the Economically Weaker Section Students.

According to the parents, they were concerned about being earlier told that their wards will be promoted directly to class III in senior school, and this ended up being a piece of wrong information, and the notices were only sent to the Economically Weaker Section students.

“During the time of nursery admission, we were told that my daughter would automatically be transferred to Class III in the senior school. Now they say it is not possible. Only parents of EWS children have got this notice,” said a parent.

The All India Parents Association wrote to the CM Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday asking for a clarification on the notice sent that the school’s notice ‘misread’ it and ‘it relates to fresh admissions in class II onwards’.

Another case was observed where parents of VIII class students who were admitted to EWS seats in Air Force Bal Bharti School were notified by the DoE that the parents are exempted to pay any fees only until Class VIII and not further.

While on the other hand, they were told by the advocate Ashok Agarwal, that the schools which stand on land given by the government are bound to provide free education to EWS students until class XII.


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