FSDA department partners with Agra schools to create food safety awareness

The Food Safety and Drug Administration (FSDA) Department, which aims at ensuring the safety and quality of food products and medicines, has come forward to create awareness about food safety among Agra communities. FSDA has collaborated with Agra’s 2600 schools to create awareness about food safety measures.

Manoj Verma, District Designated Officer, FDSA Department, Agra said on Tuesday, “The FDSA has planned to spread awareness about how health gets affected if bad or adulterated food is consumed.”

“School children have been involved because it is seen that children have the willingness to learn and absorb. Whatever message is given to children, it will have manifold multiple effects on the community. The aim was to make the consumer aware of the adulteration problem that existed in all kinds of food,” he added.

From November 4-18, the department had organized an ‘Eat Right Moment’ program in 113 schools in Agra. Already, 2,200 schools across the district have responded to the awareness efforts and around 64,540 children had participated. The department will initiate the same program with more schools from December first week.


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