Thu. Feb 9th, 2023
Health and Education are twins that need to be well looked after and nurtured for our present and future well-being: Vice President

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Tuesday called for a public-private partnership for healthcare infrastructure expansion in the country at  FICCI’s 16th Annual Healthcare conference. The Vice President praised the healthcare industry and the trade bodies such as FICCI for the thriving medical tourism in India.

Noting that Indian healthcare demands are of a large scale and diversity, he called for collaboration between all stakeholders to achieve the “collective dream of Universal Healthcare”.

“Healthcare is one of the most important pillars of nation-building – impacting not just the economy, but productivity, well-being and happiness of citizens. Health and Education are twins that need to be well looked after and nurtured for our present & future being”, emphasizing that healthcare is one of the most important pillars of nation-building, the Vice President said.

Noting the government’s initiative in positioning India as a global hub for medical and wellness tourism through the ‘Heal in India’ initiative, Dhankhar called for redoubling the efforts to utilise India’s potential to become a ‘prime health tourism destination’.

Recalling India’s experience with the COVID pandemic, the Vice President paid rich tributes to the healthcare workers and scientists for their contributions and added that India has not only vaccinated its citizens in a short period, but also exported vaccines to many nations.

The Vice President expressed gratitude to the tireless efforts of the healthcare sector, India has registered a significant decline in health indicators such as the Infant Mortality Rate since 1990 and is on course to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals targets.

Referring to the mega health program, ‘Ayushman Bharat’, Dhankhar said, “Ayushman Bharat is a great stabilising force. Otherwise, a serious ailment can ruin the economy of a family. The scheme has been successful in bridging the gap between rich and poor in terms of accessibility of healthcare services in the country.”

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