MHRD introduces SHREYAS, a web portal aiming to provide internships to non-technical students

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has launched Scheme for Higher Education Youth for Apprenticeship and Skills (SHREYAS) in collaboration with the National Skill Ministry and Labour and Employment Ministry.

The website aims at providing internships to students who belong to general non-technical courses and helps connects recruiters and graduates. The website has already started to invite applications from the students pursuing courses such as BA, BSc. BCom etc. The students and Alumni are open for registration which will help them pursue apprenticeship programmes and recruiters

Addressing students, HRD Minister, Prakash Javadekar said, “The purpose of education is not just to bring out a good human from the system but to bring out a good human with skills.” adding to that he shared his experience of when he worked in an office during his summer breaks which helped him acquire a bank-job later.

Also, it got informed that the ministry has been planning to change the existing curriculum of non-technical course and frame it employment-friendly. Javadekar informed that according to the new curriculum, 1000 hours coursework will be added to BA, BCom, and BSc programmes, and out of those 250 hours each will be given to soft and IT skilling and rest 500 hours will be given to specific courses chosen. Hence after this, the courses will be called as BA professional, BCom professional, and BSc professional programme.

Along with these three courses, the ministry is planning to include other courses at the graduate and postgraduate level also towards the next academic year of 2019-20.

Javadekar also mentioned that the Ministry is expecting over 2-2.5 lakh students to enroll in the internships provided at the website within the time span of three months. Secretary HRD, Subramanyam informed that rs 10,000 crore sanction has already been granted for this programme.

In order to train the required skills to the students, the central government will provide ‘some’ funds to the industry, says Javadekar.


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