Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
Cold Wave: Schools To Remain Closed In Bareilly, Saharanpur And Mau

Winter has arrived with chilling nights, foggy mornings and windy days and nights. This time of the year, winter is at the peak with sweaters and warmers failing to tackle the cold. It’s then, tea and blowers come to the rescue. Keeping everything in mind, the winter break in the schools still has to commence from Christmas but due to intensifying cold wave conditions across the country, Uttar Pradesh schools have been closed earlier.

Cold wave conditions have worsened in some Uttar Pradesh cities with heavy rainfall in Prayagraj while cities like Bareilly, Saharanpur, and Mau schools till the 8th standard has been closed. Meanwhile, Lucknow schools class till 8th standard has been timed from 10 AM to 3 PM.

In Mau district, all schools and colleges have been closed while in Bareilly, classes till the 8th standard have been closed till 19th December and in Saharanpur, all schools and institutions will be closed till 21st December.

The same cold chilling weather is across the country with the temperature hitting one digit.

Today (18th December 2019) in New Delhi marks as the coldest day of this winter season with 7.2ºC. The time has come where a fire will be lit at every corner of the street. Although, this will result in AQI (Air Quality Index) in Delhi getting worsened from moderate to Poor.

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