UGC to adopt measures to improve standards of higher education and research in India


University Grants Commission Secretary Rajnish Jain announced on Saturday, UGC has decided to adopt measures for improving standards of higher education and research in the country, at the 93rd Annual General Meeting of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

Jain informed that UGC is working out modalities for developing a new framework for the higher education sector focussing on the quality of education. He also said that undergraduate courses and reframed with focus on learning.

Addressing at the OTV, “There’s a Teacher induction programme and annual refresher programme for academic teachers so that they can learn how to guide students in a proper direction and become a role model for students. Apart from books’ education, students need to be sensitised about their responsibilities towards the country, environment, society, our culture, sustainability; and how to become a good citizen and human being,” he said.

He also announced that an orientation program will also be conducted for teacher’s will be able to share their knowledge.

Speaking of the research area, he informed about the implementation of a new scheme named ‘STRIDE’, He further said, “UGC will make a big funding for that; we need locally need-based, socially relevant, nationally and globally important research and not something restricted to books or journals- it needs to be more meaningful. Hope, our research will be helpful for the society.”

Speaking of the Global ranking of Indian educational institutes, Jain said, “We are trying hard towards it. We are identifying good institutes and supporting them financially. Several IITs and universities of India are already in global ranking but it’s low, we are trying to be among the top 100 institutes in the world.”

Looking at the increasing establishment of fake universities, “Whenever we get any such complaint, we get it registered and take appropriate actions,” he added.


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