Arjun Kapoor hosts charity sale of personal closet for animals affected by Covid-19 lockdown

During the nationwide lockdown imposed to contain coronavirus cases Actor Arjun Kapoor has come forward to host a charity sale of his personal closet for the care of stray animals.

Arjun stated that he has been doing his best at this crucial time to help as many organisations as possible. In addition to this, he also stated that we must not forget that animals are also suffering and so we must also help them. Talking upon his views on the lockdown to spread the coronavirus, he stated that there’s been a staggering increase in animals starving on the streets because their usual sources of food have been closed”.

He stated that in a small way he is making contribution for World For All, which is looking after providing food and water to all the stray animals during this lockdown and he is also putting sale from his closet in an online fundraiser. “Money earned from this, the amount would be contributed to them. So I am looking forward so that more people can join me” the actor stated.

For the sale, Arjun Kapoor has been trying out best of his outfits and sun glasses and photographing each piece himself. Later, if his followers want to buy, they can choose from sunglasses and caps to shoes and tees, and whatever they would earn out of it will fund food and water for hungry and thirsty stray animals that have been hit hard during this time.

The pieces from the actor’s wardrobe are available at the online fundraiser-,  is the online fundraiser where one can find the sale from actor’s the proceedings will support World For All, which aims at feeding  near hundreds of strays since the lockdown began. Animals on the street are suffering much because of the shutdown of restaurants. There are numerous of stray animals who are dying out of hunger all over the world during this time of crisis.“


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