Before Choked, check these 3 Movies set amidst Demonetization

Anurag Kashyap’s upcoming film titled Choked is all set for an OTT release on June 5, 2020. The trailer of which was released last week and it received a massive response from the fans. The trailer got all of us excited and the reason it being a story set in the backdrop of Demonetization which every common man could relate to.

Demonetization was one such step which was taken with an aim to whitewash the black money in the country but it resulted out be another suffering for the lower and middle section of the society. So before Choked, here’s taking a look at three Indian Films based on Demonetization.

Check out the list:

Shunyata (Bengali)

A still from Shunyata

This Bengali film portrayed the effects of Demonetization from the perspective of a common man. A trilogy of three stories building up to the conclusion of unknown sides of the Demonetization. The film was praised by critics as well as the masses.

5G (Kannada)


The story set amidst the Demonetization in the country focused on the four pillars and tried to show different angles and it’s effects on four different sides relating to Legislature, Judiciary, Media and the Executives.

Mersal (Tamil)

A still from Mersal

A controversial Tamil film which made into headlines as the story was seen criticizing the policies of Government including GST and Demonetization. This one is not totally set across demonetization but it did have few scenes which tried to show us the hidden side and effects of Demonetization.

So that was the list, hope you’d love watching these movies.

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