Deadpool 2’s Cable felt like a business transaction; says actor Josh Brolin who portrayed the role

It was not like a ride in the theme park for Hollywood actor, Josh Brolin while shooting for Deadpool 2. The actor states, that the role was hard and his role of Thanos in the two Avengers film, is the one, he had more fun with.

Making an appearance on this week’s episode on the Team Deakins Podcast, the actor talked about the roles. He talked about how his character in Deadpool 2, Cable was funny but playing it felt like a ‘business transaction. But why did Brolin felt that?

Well, as per the actor, it was difficult for him to tone down his character and match the film’s comedic tone. On the other hand, his role as Thanos allowed him to experiment more.

Talking on the Podcast he said, “I mentioned Brando in Apocalypse Now, this guy who is very elusive and insane but what he is saying makes sense and is poetical.”

He further added :

“I started seeing the parallel which I liked for me. I loved being able to resort to a film like Apocalypse Now when I was doing something like Avengers.”

On how playing Cable was harder than playing Thanos, Brolin enumerated, saying :

“Deadpool was hard. Even though it was funny, it was harder. That was more of a business transaction, it was more, ‘We need to make this like this,’ which I didn’t feel with Avengers. With those directors, they would constantly go back and reference Scarface or Dog Day Afternoon. Whether or not it was a manipulation, they knew what to throw out there to bring it back into something inspired.”

Well, the actor clearly rejoiced to play the role of Thanos, as much as we loved to see him on the screen. Though it is a surprise to listen to him, saying how hard the role of Cable was.

Actor, Ryan Reynolds had played the foul-mouthed superhero, Deadpool in the film. Fox Studios had produced the two Deadpool films, which is now Disney owns.

We hope that if Deadpool 3 is ever made, Brolin’s character of Cable, makes a return again.