Prarthana Behere Injures Hand in Car Accident on Pune-Mumbai Expressway

While on their way to Kolhapur, Prarthana Behere and Aniket Vishwasrao fell victim to a car accident which gravely injured the Marathi actress. The accident took place on the Pune-Mumbai expressway on the morning of 14th May, 2018.

In a statement from Vishwasrao himself, it was evident that the accident took place due to a reckless driving mistake by the driver. Apparently, their car was speeding on the highway near Lonavla when they approached a stationary tempo on the aisle of the road. In an attempt to overtake the tempo and bypass it, the driver took a sharp turn, miscalculating and underestimating their speed. The entire vehicle spun around and rammed into a rock, which was placed just by the cliff of the highway.

The black Fortuner, which was registered in the name of Prarthana herself, was completely wrecked as the toll of the collision damaged the hood entirely. The driver, the hairstylist, and Vishwasrao escaped with minor injuries. Prarthana, however, fractured her right hand and required immediate medical attention. As soon as the accident was reported, police from the Lonavla police station arrived at the scene and transported Prarthana to the nearest hospital in Mumbai. After receiving primary treatment there, Behere returned to Mumbai at the earliest notice to take rest. The rest of the company continued on their way to Kolhapur to promote their upcoming films in the region.


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