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Blu-O @ Orion Mall

There are not many places which can be the first choice for any family to celebrate a weekend after a stressful and hectic week. There are also not many places where you can host a b’day party to give your guests many options to enjoy and have fun. However, “there are not many options” phrase does not mean that there are no options at all.

Blu-O Rhythm & Bowl is one such place for the perfect day out. Blu-O is located at Orion Mall, RajajiNagar and Pheonix City Mall, Whitefield. Over the last weekend, I had a little bit of leisure to go and try out a new hangout place in Bangalore, and not surprisingly, Blu-O was my first choice after a bit of research in the Internet.

I chose to visit Blu-O at Orion Mall, RajajiNagar, because that seemed as a proper route for me to travel from the other side of the city i.e. JP Nagar.

Finding the place is surely not a big deal, as Blu-O is located in one of the biggest Landmarks of the city. Entering Orion itself gives you an awesome feeling and a belief that the stay at this place is going to be awesome. Blu-O is located on 4th floor.


Blu-O @ Orion Mall

The first look from the outside seems pretty classic. The look of the entrance somewhere tells on why the place is named after a color i.e. Blue. The entrance looks full of blue color with a bowling pin, which is an awesome prop for you to start photography with. Right after entering, there are the reception and the counters. After deciding on what you want to play and eat, you can place the order right there and they will take care of it until your stay at Blu-O gets over.

Once I was inside, I was just as amazed to see numerous options to spend my time. The ambiance at the place is awesome as well as the service staff.

Let me first write in a bit of brief about all the facilities available there

Bowling @ Blu-O


Bowling @ Blu-O

Bowling at Blu-O is the main center of attraction for anyone visiting the place. Bowling Lanes at either side of Blu-O give the place a great environment and the ability to handle the customers even at the busiest times on the weekend or on some holiday. Bowling lanes are very well designed to give a better look and attract the visitors. Bowling Lanes literally tempt people coming there to try out a session of Bowling.

Just like most of the other places, there are 12 – 12 bowling lanes on either side of Blu-O with all the modern design, facilities and other stuff. While bowling, the visitors are assigned a place to sit and eat if they want to order and eat something in the meantime.

Table Soccer, Snooker & F1 Racing

Table Soccer, Snooker & F1 Racing


Football is unarguably the most popular game in the world and with the football world cup around the corner, people are too excited about it. Visiting Blu-O can be a treat to them as there is an option to play table soccer and snooker with anyone accompanying you.

table soccer


Another exciting stuff right there is Race Tantra, a place where you can literally get into the live experience of F1 racing. It is always an enthusiastic stuff to be able to play and experience a game at the same time. Race Tantra offers exactly the same. While playing, the players literally feels like being in car with all those chair moments and awesome special & Visual effects.

Sitting Area & Bar


Sitting Area & Bar

Even if someone visits Blu-O not for the purpose of playing games, but for eating and spending some time, there is enough space to accommodate most of those. In between those 2 bowling areas, there is enough space to accommodate over 50 people altogether.



However, at the same time, Blu-O has an awesome Bar, for those who drink, this place might just be heaven with the great combination of drinks and delicious veg and nonveg starters. The bar is open for all the people who are legally in drinking age and they offer quiet a lot of awesome drinks to cheer up the visitors.

Carlsberg Lounge with Karaoke, XBox 360

This was literally the best part I liked about the place. Apart from merging all those awesome stuff, Blu-O has come with an awesome stuff to give a special feeling to everyone. The VIP lounge is a great place for a bunch of people who are looking for some enjoyment with the friends.

The lounge has a nominal entry fee per person, however, the same can be redeemed against the food you order being in the lounge. It is a great place to enjoy with friends and have a quality time as it offers various options like XBox 360, Karaoke etc. There is also an option for people to get temporary or permanent tattoo on their body.

With all these option at a single place, anyone is likely to get tempted and the same happened with me and the people around. It can be a perfect day out for literally every friend group or family with so many options available under the same roof.

By Prithviraj Singh Chauhan

Part time journalist, full-time observer. Editor-in-Chief at The Indian Wire. I cover updates related to business and startups.

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