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Anyone Can Unlock Your Galaxy S10 Through Fingerprint Recognition?

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

After an issue found in the brand new Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung said that the company will soon roll out a software patch to fix the problems with the fingerprint recognition on its flagship Galaxy S10 smartphone.

Whole matter comes after a British user told the Sun newspaper this week that a bug on her Galaxy S10 allowed it to be unlocked regardless of the biometric data registered in the device. This incident seems to be quiet embarrassing for the South Korean company Samsung as the Galaxy S10 comes under the most premium smartphones.

What’s The Reason Behind The Improper Fingerprint Recognition?

The Galaxy S10 uses an ultrasonic fingerprint reader instead of the traditional optical ones wherein the former uses sound waves to create a 3D map of your fingerprint while the latter illuminates the ridges on your finger to create a 2D map.

Ultrasonic is supposed to be more secure than optical but some screen protectors have been reported to be incompatible with Samsung’s reader because they left a small air gap that interfered with the scanning. This, in turn, could be the reason why the sensor is allowing unregistered fingerprints to unlock the device.

After the user bought a third-party screen protector, her husband was able to unlock her phone using his fingerprint, even though it was not registered.

Users may not use the fingerprint sensor as the lock and can switch to Pin, Pattern lock until the issue is not solved.

Although Samsung has acknowledged the problem, they have not specified how widespread it currently is.

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