Half Life: Alyx’s launch results in Valve Index VR Sell Out in the US and Canada

Half Lufe Alyx Tested

The gaming industry is currently under a revolution or we might just say evolution. With major tech companies like Google, Microsoftand Sony slowly moving into cloud gaming and AR/VR gaming. Cloud, AR/VR gaming is going to be the new trend pretty soon. Last week, another popular ‘Half-life VR game’ arrived which Valve unveiled on Thursday. And now, following the arrival of famous first-person shooter video game to VR, Valve’s Index VR have headset sold out in stores.

All of the Index packages were seemingly available until the arrival of Half-Life: Alyx. But as the VR title arrived, Valve’s almost all the Index packages have been sold out in the US and Canada. For now, only the most expensive Index package is available which costs $999. However, the message displayed alongside suggests that if you order now you can expect to receive it before December 25.


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