UK Tote Group looking forward to expand its betting operations to other sports

UK Tote Group announced that they are looking forward to expand their race betting operations in other human sports.

The Group stated that ‘new opportunities remain a key priority’ and they might expand the betting to football and other sports.

Alizeti Capital, the owners of Tote Group has key racing figures including racehorse owners, breeders, trainers and jockeys. Earlier Bretfred owned Tote Group.

According to CalvinAyre, the Tote spokesperson said, “the new opportunities currently on the horizon include being able to expand into other sports and promote the Tote to a broader base of sports fans that have yet to succumb to pool betting’s charms”.

The horse betting operators are facing serious financial struggles to sustain themselves in wake of pandemic.

Not all the operators would be able to survive the ‘behind the closed doors’ racing.

Many operators such as GVC Holdings, Arena Racing Company, Jockey Club etc. are also facing  financial losses due to the existing situation.