Epic Games Store Update: OpenCritic, New Storefront, Wishlist, In-game purchases and more


Epic Games has been quite busy lately, revamping its Epic Games Store. Back in August, Epic Games Store received an Increased Cloud Save and Keyless Integration With Humble Store. Then 8 more new exclusive games were added. In September, it was announced that Epic Games Store is getting a redesigned storefront with a better layout, in-game overlay, and more. And now, Epic Games Store is soon getting a wishlist and OpenCritic reviews.

Just a few days back, Steam redesigned its library alongside the rollout of the Remote Play Together feature to all Steam users. However, Epic hasn’t taken long to respond and has introduced new changes and improvements to the Epic Games Store. Below are all the tweaks and changes Epic has added to the Store:

  • A new storefront is live where you can see what games are trending, filter by genre, and more.
  • You can now use the Epic Games Store within games if you’re purchasing microtransactions.
  • The Epic Games Store has been optimized to handle higher volumes of traffic.
  • The team is working on a wishlist feature.
  • The library grid view will continue to get tweaked.
  • OpenCritic will provide reviews on the Epic Games Store.

Most of the features mentioned above are live now and others will be arriving pretty soon.


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