Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

The very famous action-adventure game series, GTA(Grand Theft Auto) has always been a subject of numerous rumors and speculations since it was released for the first time. This time the leaks are about the highly anticipated title GTA 6 which is set to arrive in the next-gen console such as Xbox ScarlettPlaystation 5 and Google Stadia. Then recently, 6 new images surfaced the internet suggesting the game to be set in Vice City. And now a Reddit user has published information on various features of GTA VI.

The leaks come from a Reddit post and the user claims to have acquired it from an inside source who is a Rockstar Games employee in its office in India. Coming onto the leaked details, the user says that the new Grand Theft Auto 6 adventure is set in the cities of San Fierro and Las Venturas. Moreover, the map size is expected to be four times larger than that of GTA V.

The leaks further suggest that a firearms store will also be present which will be divided into legal stores and underground markets. Legal store will offer conventional weapons (pistols, rifles, snipers, etc.), while underground markets would allow players to buy weapons such as rocket launchers.

Furthermore, GTA 6 map will feature traditional places that every GTA game features which include police stations, gas stations, the amusement park. Interestingly the leak suggests that we might get to see Area 51 also. The robberies will be back, however, it would be more like optional missions. Also, mini-games like hunting, bowling, and others would also be included in GTA VI.


However, these are all speculations for now and we can only wait to see what Rockstar has planned for its fans.

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