NFS: Hot Pursuit drifts onto PC and consoles next month

NFS Hot Pursuit Car Chase

The countdown is over. The date has been set. NFS: Hot Pursuit remaster comes out on PC and consoles on 6th November. Oh, did I mention a Nintendo Switch release as well? November 13th for that one!

We’re talking about the 2010 version of the game here. And not the 1998 release of NFS III: Hot Pursuit. It was a fairly good old cops vs racers game. It’s now being remastered and released on both consoles and PCs. It’s a remaster, not a remake so don’t expect a lot of glow-up visually.

As for online functionality, it will have cross-platform support for multiplayer. So return to Seacrest County, expect high-adrenaline chases. There will also be a rehauled photo mode.

On PCs, there will be a framecap of 60FPS but this NFS game will have 4k support. On consoles, there will be 30FPS support. For Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro, there will be two different modes – 1080p performance (60 FPS) and 4k quality (30 FPS).

So until EA announces a remake of NFS: Underground, play this for now on consoles. And on PCs with all the DLCs that it originally missed out on. Pull your handbrakes and drift away.

NFS Remaster Car Chase

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