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PMCO Regional Finals 2019 Day 1: Results, Points Table, Highlights, MVPs and more

pmco india finals 2019

After an intense battle on Day 1 and Day 2 of the PMCO Fall Split Regional Play-ins 2019, we finally have the Top 16 teams who will be battling it out from November 8th to November 10th in the PMCO Fall Split Regional Finals 2019 for a prize pool of $175,000 USD. The play-ins saw some upsets as two of the best PUBG Mobile teams in India Orange Rock and 8bit couldn’t make it to the regional finals. Even TeamSoul just managed to qualify, finishing at the 15th spot. However, it was ETGBrawlers and TeamIND stole the show. ETGBrawlers managed to get 4 Chicken Dinners and were aggressively impressive. Fnatic also showed some good gameplay with ScoutOP leaking from the front. Daljitsk from TeamIND was awarded the MVP of the Play-ins. And now, it’s time for PMCO Fall Split Regional Finals 2019 which kicks-off in some time.

The top 2 teams from this stage will advance to the Global Finals and represent their Club in PMCO Global Finals 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The 3rd to 5th position teams from this stage will advance to Global Final Prelims. 

Well I know it must be a busy day for most of you to watch the action live. Don’t worry I will be bringing you all the highlights, MVPs, Points Table and more after every match. So just stay tuned and enjoy!!

Check Out The Day 1 Schedule Here:

In the meantime enjoy TeamIND DaljitSk Interview MVP of the Play-ins below:

Day 1 Match 1 Erangel:

The game started with the flight path starting from Military Base going all the way to Yasnaya Polyana. GodLKikkiOp was knocked too early in the match as ETGBrawlers found him lurking alone. TeamIND and ETGBrawlers continued their exemplary form from the Play-in and finished 1st and 2nd respectively. TeamSoul made a comeback and fished third with ClutchGod playing exceptionally good.

Match 1 Standings:

TeamIND win the first match

TeamSoul finishing third

Top 5 Players:

ETGBrawlers finish at second spot

SoulClutchGod proving his name:

Day 1 Match 2 Sanhok:

It was time for the Nepali powerhouse TrustDProcess to once again show everyone that Sanhok is their map. TDP showed some amazing gameplay and was against Entity in the final circle who already had 11 kills. But TDP were calm and composed and eliminated Entity to bag 10 kills for themselves. ETGBrawlers couldn’t do much and were the first team to be eliminated.

Match 2 Standings:

TDP winning Match 2 in Sanhok

Entity Gaming finishing 2nd

MVP Match 2:

MVP for PMCO India Match 2

INSJokerFTW 1V3 Clutch| PMCO Regional Finals Highlights:

Day 1 Match 3 Miramar:

Its Entity Gaming’s time. They were simply wiping out the server. TeamINS and Entity Gaming in the final circle and it was Entity that came out on top with 13 kills. EntityAman was playing like he didn’t care about the opponent, all he needed were kills as he bagged 8 kills. TeamINS were aggressive too and managed to get 14 kills and finished 2nd. Fnatic finished 5th with 5 kills to their name. Surprisingly, ETGBrawlers were seen losing their touch as they were once again the first team to be eliminated.

Match 3 Standings:

EntityGaming is on fire

ETGBrawlers eliminated early in the match

Top 5 Players:

EntityAman MVP Match 3 with 8 kills

EntityAman on Fire| PMCO Finals 2019 Highlights:

Day 1 Match 4 Erangel:

Synerge Gaming showing perfect synergy amongst themselves and grabbing the chicken in Erangel with a massive 18 kill count. TeamIND were consistent with their performance as they finished 3rd with 6 Kills below RIPOfficial. TeamSoul and Fnatic haven’t found their momentum yet and were eliminated early.

Synerge Gaming winning Match 4

Overall Standings after Match 4:

EntityGaming at the top of the table

ETGBrawlers Vs Soul | Synerge getting Chicken Dinner:

Day 1 Match 4 Vikendi:

The match started intensely as ORB, Soul, and Megastars landed at the same spot. TeamSoul managed to wipe out ORB but were third-partied by Megastars and were eliminated early. But it was EntityAman who won everyone’s heart with his 1V4 clutch in the final circle against Fnatic and ElementriX. Entity is for sure going to Kuala Lumpur if they keep playing like this.

Points Table for Match 5:

Entity Gaming is looking unstoppable

Entity Aman Final Circle clutch:

Day 1 Match 6 Erangel:

RIPOfficial finally managed to get the WWCD in the final match of Day 1. They grabbed 30 points out of the last match with 10 kill points and 20 placement points. Megastars finished 2nd and ZeroDegree continued their bloodbath and finished 3rd with 11 kills. Interestingly, 3 players of Soul were eliminated early but SoulRegaltos‘ patience and presence of mind allowed them to finish fourth in the last match.

PMCO Regional Finals South Asia 2019 Final Standings after Day 1:

Day 1 Final Standings

PMCO Highlights Final Match:

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